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Foto van Electrolux EFH12 Hepafilter - Electrolux

Electrolux EFH12 Hepafilter - Electrolux

Electrolux: 900154123 v.v.53190025147 Hepa filter EFH12 vervangt tevens Hepa filter EF18 Hepa filter 9001954123 EFH12 ( EF18) ...

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Foto van Electrolux Waszak - Electrolux

Electrolux Waszak - Electrolux

Electrolux Waszak Voor teer Wasgoed Afmeting: 30 x 40cm

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Foto van Stofzuigerzak - Electrolux - Electrolux

Stofzuigerzak - Electrolux - Electrolux

Stofzuigerzak, Merk: Non-Original, Inhoud: 5x Electrolux E200B stofzuigerzakken, Geschikt voor: Electrolux, Philips en anderen (zie meer informatie).

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Foto van Animal kit - Electrolux

Animal kit - Electrolux

Whether you own a cat or a dog, you may have noticed how animal hair tends to build up at home, and even clogs ordinary vacuum cleaner nozzles. This kit provides all the vacuum cleaner accessories you need to keep your house clean and free from pet hair....

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Foto van Electrolux 1052232566

Electrolux 1052232566

Set met een motor- en microfilter voor Electrolux, Tornado en Volta stofzuigers.

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