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Foto van More Mantovani Magic

More Mantovani Magic

Annunzio Paulo Mantovani was a world renowned conductor, composer and arranger who from the early 50's to the late 70's presented the world's most famous light orchestra, featuring his unforgettable cascading strings devised by composer and arranger...

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Foto van Goodbye Gemini - Digitally Remastered

Goodbye Gemini - Digitally Remastered

This bizarre 1970 thriller sees Judy Geeson and Martin Potter play creepy twins on the loose in London, where they waste no time in launching themselves on the swinging party scene - with unexpectedly tragic results. Cameos, period detail and unexpected...

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Punk In England

This DVD includes live performances and interviews with The Jam, Ian Dury, The Adverts, Madness, The Clash, Secret Affair, The Specials and many more It also includes a new and unseen six track set from The Adverts filmed live in 1978.Following on from...

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Foto van The Case Of The Frightened Lady

The Case Of The Frightened Lady

The ancient and mysterious house of 'Mark's Priory' is the family seat of the Lebanon family. Lady Lebanon (Helen Haye) is desperate to have an heir to carry on the family name and has told her son, Lord William, (Marius Goring) that he must marry her...

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Foto van The Saints Double Trouble

The Saints Double Trouble

George Sanders stars in one his most famous roles as the Leslie Chateris creation, The Saint. When a person resembling The Saint, who is still believed to be in Egypt, suddenly turns up in Philadelphia with a haul of smuggled diamonds, the real Saint...

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Foto van The Master Race

The Master Race

A secret meeting of German Generals led by Friedrich von Beck (George Couloris) receivetheir final orders from the German High Command: the war is lost and it is their duty to prepare for the Fourth Reich by avoiding capture and assimilating themselves...

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Foto van Catholics


Controversial for its time, The Catholics stars Trevor Howard in a powerhouse performance as the Abbot in charge of a remote Irish monastery in Mork, Eire. In defiance of an edict from Rome, the Abbot and his monks, elect to travel to the Irish mainland...

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