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Foto van Fellini Four Films 8 1/2 - Blu-ray

Fellini Four Films 8 1/2 - Blu-ray

The 4 essential Fellini films in one must‐have boxset collection. One of the most original creative minds of the 20th Century, Fellini is unanimously voted by critics and filmmakers as one of the greatest directors of all time. Fellini’s most acclaimed...

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Foto van Sophia Loren Gold Boxset

Sophia Loren Gold Boxset

This truly is the definitive Sophia Loren boxset, defining her life-time achievement featuring her four most awarded films - including her Best Actress Oscar which made her the first artist to win an Oscar for a foreign-language performance for TWO WOMEN....

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Foto van Il Postino (Dual Format Edition)

Il Postino (Dual Format Edition)

Inspired by an incident in Pablo Neruda's life, the Nobel Prize winner, played by Philipe Noiret (Cinema Paradiso). The engaging blend of easy humour and sunny romance takes hold from the start and never lets go. Much of its seductive charm derives from...

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Foto van Fellini's 8 1/2 - Blu-ray

Fellini's 8 1/2 - Blu-ray

Fellini’s most acclaimed work, 8 1/2 won two Oscars ® including Best Foreign Film. Fellini is unanimously voted by film critics - and notably, by filmmakers - as one of the greatest directors of all time. And Fellini’s 8 ½ is revered as the most...

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Foto van I Vitelloni - Limited Edition Dual Format

I Vitelloni - Limited Edition Dual Format

Considered Fellini’s absolute masterpiece, I VITELLONI directly influenced films like ‘Mean Streets’, ‘American Graffiti’, ‘Diner’ and other bunch-of-guys-hanging-out, coming of age movies. Autobiographical and set in the director's seaside...

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Story of a Love Affair (Cronaca Di Un Amore)

Paola is a young, beautiful woman married to a wealthy entrepreneur. She meets her former lover Guido after seven years, but their relationship is marked by tragic events.

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Foto van Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This is the film which features the - literally - epoch-making, iconic, striptease by Sophia Loren! Presented for the very 1st time in its English spoken version (also optional original Italian with revised subtiles) for the 1st time restored in its...

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Foto van The Innocent aka L'Innocente

The Innocent aka L'Innocente

Visconti is one of World Cinema s greats, the multi-awarded Italian director literally created Neo-Realism with OBSESSION, his adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice. Visconti returns to the stunningly lavish 19th Century sets of his Cannes Winner,...

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