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Foto van EnGenius Contraptions Marble Run

EnGenius Contraptions Marble Run

Winner of best 'Children's Gift' at the Gift of the Year awards 2019! Instantly captivating, this ‘Engenius Contraption’ is a flat-pack marble run that you assemble yourself. Powered by an electric motor, the marbles are raised to the top of the...

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Foto van Re-Play! Board Game

Re-Play! Board Game

This inventive game kicks off with everyone adding examples to the game tiles... Round One: quick-descriptions... but you can’t use any of the given words. Round Two: play again - now it’s Charades... acting mimes to win the tiles a second time. Round...

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Foto van Build it 3D HMS Victory Puzzle

Build it 3D HMS Victory Puzzle

Forever famous for its role in the Battle of Trafalgar, the Victory is now in Portsmouth’s historic dockyard museum. This great model lets you recreate Nelson’s flagship, the oldest commissioned warship in the world. The puzzle contains 189 pieces...

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Foto van Tension Family Edition Board Game

Tension Family Edition Board Game

Tension is a riotous race to name ten examples to a given subject. Do you think you can name the 10 pizza toppings on the card before the time runs out? If so then Tension is the game for you. Tension is suitable for both children and adults and each...

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Foto van Quiz Bingo Trivia

Quiz Bingo Trivia

It’s the question and answer game that suits everyone! Tired of trivia challenges where the clever clogs always win? Then Quiz Bingo’s the game for you! You simply write your answers down on the grid as you go along, then you score just like in...

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Foto van Pickles to Penguins Board Game

Pickles to Penguins Board Game

Pickles to Penguins is the frantic party game where you link the pictures to win. There’s no taking turns – it’s just a mad-cap race to play out your hand as fast as you can, by figuring out what your cards and the cards in play have in common....

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Foto van Topix Board Game

Topix Board Game

Played against the clock it’s a rapid race to write down as many examples as you can to a given topic. Think outside the box as only unique answers will count. A great family game, Topix tests your powers of recall and invention to the absolute limit!

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Foto van Charades Board Game

Charades Board Game

Everyone loves the age-old game of Charades... and here it is as a board game! Bang up to date with all the latest music, books, TV and films it’s a great way to get everybody up and acting. Whether your fellow participants think your acting skills...

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Foto van QuickSand Board Game

QuickSand Board Game

It’s the hectic, frantic, manic game that brings fun and laughter to any social get-together! A wonderful team game, you race to draw and guess pictures in the sand! The more you guess, the more you score! QuickSand is the imaginative family game...

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Foto van Techno Balls 197 Piece Marble Run

Techno Balls 197 Piece Marble Run

These techno marble runs come individually boxed to provide hours of absorbing entertainment whilst helping to achieve those important STEM objectives of fostering inquiring minds; logical reasoning and collaboration skills. Develops a child's creativity,...

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