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Foto van Forbidden Words Game

Forbidden Words Game

Can you Avoid the Forbidden Words in 60 Seconds? Brain-teasing fun for all of the family! Think it sounds simple? This wordy game is far from it! Help your team mates guess a word or phrase without saying it, or any of the forbidden words on the card....

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Foto van Categorically Speaking Game

Categorically Speaking Game

How many original words can you find in 3 minutes? Wordy fun for all of the family! Think it sounds simple? This game is far from it! Use your imagination to think of as many point scoring words as you can in the time allowed. The objective is to be...

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Foto van Call Em All Game

Call Em All Game

Call em All – quickest caller wins them all! – Summon your most creative vocabulary skills to help your team-mates guess a word or phrase…without saying it! Describe as many as you can before your 60 seconds are up. The first team to twenty points...

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Foto van Charades Game

Charades Game

Charades – Put your acting skills to the test! Put on your acting hat and communicate a word or phrase on the card to your team without speaking. If they guess it, you win a point for your team. Sound Easy? Not when you’re against the clock! The first...

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Foto van Claptrap Rules Game

Claptrap Rules Game

Claptrap – Bluff your way to victory! You’ve played general knowledge questions before, yes? This is the opposite. You probably won’t know many, if any, of the answers. Don’t sulk, this does not make you stupid; its where the fun starts! Bluff...

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