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Foto van American Independents

American Independents

HALF NELSON (2006) Dir. Ryan Fleck – Ryan Gosling (Drive) turns in a stunning, Oscar-nominated performance in the smart, moving and politically engaged HALF NELSON, winner of multiple Independent Spirit Awards and Official Selection at Sundance Film...

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Foto van Cinema Provocateur

Cinema Provocateur

Cinema Provocateur celebrates the visionaries that dare to push boundaries and challenge expectations. The first volume of this collection explores sex in cinema; from the use of real sex to confront taboos surrounding the depiction of sex on screen,...

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Foto van I Dont Want To Sleep Alone

I Dont Want To Sleep Alone

After being robbed and attacked one night in Kuala Lumpur, Hsiao-Kang (Lee Kang-Sheng), a homeless Chinese man, is rescued and taken in by some itinerant workers. One of them, Rawand, lets him sleep beside him on an old mattress that he had found on the...

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Foto van Ballast


A double prize winner at the Sundance Film Festival and one of the most critically acclaimed American independent films of recent years, Ballast is a stunningly evocative story of personal catastrophe and communal redemption. Writer-director Lance Hammer...

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Foto van A Call Girl

A Call Girl

In this acclaimed, award-winning film set amidst the perilous world of prostitution, a young student who’s unable to make ends meet joins the world’s oldest profession, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. 23-year-old student Aleksandra (Nina Ivanišin)...

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Foto van Sourn District (Zona Sur)

Sourn District (Zona Sur)

Winner of the Best Director and Best Screenplay awards (World Cinema) at Sundance Film Festival 2010, Juan Carlos Valdivia's retelling of the last crumbling days of Bolivian apartheid, is vividly captured through the portrait of an upper class family...

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Foto van Carancho ( Vulture)

Carancho ( Vulture)

Ricardo Darín (star of the Oscar®-winning The Secret in Their Eyes) and Martina Gusman (Lion's Den) give unforgettable performances in the gripping and highly acclaimed thriller CARANCHO (The Vulture), an exhilarating journey into the darker side of...

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Foto van Atash


Abu Shuki and his family have settled alone in a valley far from their home town. Tyrannical father Shukri, rules the home with an iron fist, forcing his wife and three children to burn fires all day to make charcoal. When he decides to build a pipeline...

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Foto van The Sound of Fury

The Sound of Fury

Jean-Claude Brisseau (Secret Things, The Exterminating Angels, A L’Aventure) is an auteur often associated with films that are sexually provocative, risqué and controversial. Winner of the Special Youth Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, THE SOUND...

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Foto van Notebook on Cities and Clothes

Notebook on Cities and Clothes

In 1989, WIM WENDERS was commissioned by the Centre Georges Pompidou to make a film about fashion and its place in contemporary society. Initially bemused by the offer, the award-winning director chose to focus on a designer whose work he was both familiar...

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